Full Dentures & Partial Dentures

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If you are in need of teeth extractions or have missing teeth, then dentures or partial dentures may be an option for you. Our dentists, Dr. Peter Hoffmann and Dr. Whitney Trubic, offer full dentures and partial dentures for patients in the Russell, Kane, Sheffield, Youngsville, PA, and Jamestown, NY areas.

Full and partial dentures are a removable tooth replacement. They include a base that is created to look like your gums and a row of replacement teeth. A full denture stays in place with the help of natural suction. A partial denture (or simply a partial) achieves its stability by clasping some of the remaining teeth.

While dentures and partials can be a great and affordable solution to replace missing teeth, we encourage our patients to learn more about dental implants as another option for tooth replacement. Implant supported dentures and partials (also referred to as hybrids) have the added bonus of being a more long-term solution. Plus, dental implant supported dentures and partials help support overall jaw health, stability and comfort for the patient.

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