Tooth Removal or Extractions

When a tooth can’t be fixed

Serving the Warren, PA, including Russell, Kane, Sheffield, and Youngsville, and Jamestown, NY areas, Dr. Peter Hoffmann and Dr. Whitney Trubic do everything possible to preserve your natural teeth. Sometimes, however, whether from trauma, extensive tooth decay, or overcrowding, it becomes necessary for a patient to have one or more of their teeth extracted. We realize that no one enjoys having a tooth extracted, let alone several. That’s why we do all we can to make it as quick and painless of a procedure as possible for all of our patients. From start to finish, we make sure to take great care of you!

There are two types of dental extractions: simple and surgical. Simple extractions are normally quicker, less invasive procedures, whereas surgical extractions are typically a bit more involved, many times requiring us to work around bone or gum tissue. No matter which of these dental extraction methods you may need, we will do all we can to keep you as comfortable and at ease as possible.

With state of the art dental technology, as well as over 51 years of dentistry experience combined, most of our patients feel little to no pain at all during their tooth extractions. We make sure to walk each of our patients through every step of the process. From thoroughly examining your teeth before your procedure to ensure that the ideal extraction method is used, all the way to making sure that you leave our office knowing what foods to avoid, what medications to take, and what else you can do to ensure a speedy recovery! In addition, we’ll be here to work with you to find the best tooth replacement option possible.  Whether a full or partial denture or a dental implant, Dr. Peter Hoffmann and Dr. Whitney Trubic will get you back to eating and smiling comfortably and confidently!

When you have a toothache, broken tooth, or other dental emergency, we’ll fit you in as soon as possible. Dr. Peter Hoffmann, Dr. Whitney Trubic, and our terrific team of dental hygienists and assistants are here to put your mind at ease and are ready to take care of you!

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